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Wednesday, February 28th


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I'm right there Betty Daniel Academy Awards is set for this Sunday and that we can make you life and the iconic Dobie theater in the heart of Hollywood. W is in name synonymous with the best in sound and visuals and this year sixteen total nominees were produced featuring. Either delete this far under visual technology available to talk about Adobe's well at delivering the best experience for moviegoers around to where world. I am proud to get a team has to talk to mark cues screenwriter. And Ford is contributing writer. I'm tired. And I am so excited and Oscars and excited like crazy to talk to you tell me a little bit mark and until these roll. Creating magical movie experiences. But the Oscar nominated films. Well. That they were number oh. In the nominated films and filmmakers all our with a create a crop. Don't provide tools like dolby dolby. A while filmmakers and artists who really. Fully realize the creative vision and Karine a visual and audio quality than the one possible or. So right there on the creative and then with dolby and the we don't mode where. The body. The built in and then you have that 11. In contrast ratio that the cheap and outward. If it were possible that he'll go he could build. That would go out there in the theater. Big Oscar nominated film. And you've got. Oh it actually. Create audio in the aid in there. Coming from the court in the quarter of the theater when you hear the crack it. Why here and let about the risk for this wonderful experience. And filmmaker. Berg or odd. Watch it. I. Keene of the Oscar nominees this year that very category. Use dolby technologies including. The road. Nominees and. All of these people. Actually use dolby technology. Editing nick. And then all of the and in the hot seat. And then go category war. Why not need any category you'd dolby technology. Marquette is costs and that is amazing and I understand Adobe has made an agent conversion of the Dobie theater for the Oscars who'll what was done and why was that done. But don't theater is here and you have a chance. In Dobie theater because. It'll be wonderful. Piece of Hollywood history. They. They're beautiful they're at such a tremendous thing. But the thing that real watching. On television. Is basically that there. That the adamant that. So in order does the Academy Award actually convert it into a wide theater experience. With the aid and everything else involved. But they they have all of that. And they bring all the other things here. And this whole thing. They. Actually do it app at Grover they actually be able to convert it back into cinema experience again at a fourteen. The year with 200 secret around that don't actually in the theater. The audience at the walker is going to feel like they're in the middle of war to win the big musical number car. Oh really wonderful. Love always local rebel leader. And ethical particular are. Well when we as hell of furious tune in to watch the Oscars Sunday night Brittany here's something special from the Dobie theater. I'll play is still we tend to make the broadcast stated the guy Tim what can viewers at home expect I know we test on summit that. But what can we look forward to you at home. A lot to look fortunate here as you were you're gonna love it because. Don't be working with the sound engineer with the producers and the Academy Award. To optimize. The panel that the quality. Be the Oscars ceremony and then if you're not. There the minute you are at it like at that really technical or experienced that. It you're well. If you can't be there on the front row and expecting it to be watching on television we're gonna have dolby. Point one and delivering the tremendous audio into your home. And even better you have if you've got to dolby Apple's own bar which is you can get. From a variety of different manufacturers. And there but I really well or that the bull produced an average viewers. If you've got the dolby sound bar you're gonna and yet you and I have yet buckle under the theory right there living bird. What you know Adobe has been around a long time and it is the best and I know that Adobe is revolutionizing. The home movie experience for consumers in a radio a lot of by. Co workers or friends they're like yeah that's the way to Garros so it really is like a theater right. Yep absolutely. And I'm not bad. I think that I love movies and both sides who lending Cory Elliott who beat it matters a lot what kind of airing. Bill credit and that the screenwriter should quality images now and that experience are really out I want them here. At what gold in their OB and with dolby vision dolby vote. That created. Something that you can't get anywhere else and younger and now crop that include we're living. It would I have the television now off because I'd love. Couldn't earned that he. For that 11 million cock ratio. In Europe and then you've got the OB app where. I don't like it could be oh your old group and how that. It's really something different than what you ever before so I. Do you have a if you if you have been difficult enemy act go because I promise you one bit there you're not gonna watch the film in an up for grabs. My kids don't you itself ever won an Academy Award. Absolutely. He'll be here curb engineers that we want quell Oscars. And that and then the side but it also. There though because I'll be big news in more than 100. Of the crap off Kirk nominees and winner. And like you know this year sixteen at the nominee is dolby technology. Some cool. Well we actually go to find out more about dolby and the Oscars. You can go to there's dot com in the list of nominees and find out more about the ceremony and that of course watch. Oscars on Sunday. And for more about LB you go to LB dot com and look at in this in seeing what dolby. Dolby is but really properly but that. Way to find out about dolby is to go cold in an experience. Dolby vision and build yourself because it was a train formative immersive experience you'll forget. Why I have to ask you this in you don't have to answer this but. I'm a what do you a year and you seem to dare you know what's going on what. What film do you think's gonna went. I think that there's the perception of the lately between three billboard and the trickle water but I want to get out I think. Feel like it's safe water not on paper that I do my bet they'll get out could could sneak in there and one being filmed it on Google. Oh my gosh I was excited I I'd like to look at I watch every every every year and misses a ninetieth tale it's hard to believe but thank you so much I've really appreciated. You.